Do you have a story that you want to share with a Black audience?

The Afrikan Black Coalition is always accepting pieces from both up-and-coming writers and already established writers. We accept reporting, personal essays, and op-eds that center the Black experience. We encourage all Black people to submit and particularly highlight the voices of those most marginalized within our own community, regardless of student status. Writing should contain no spelling errors, minimal grammar errors, and may undergo approved edits before publication, if accepted.


As a student-run organization, we do not offer monetary compensation for submitted or published works. However, we do not claim ownership to writing submissions, meaning that you can submit a piece that was already published on your personal website.

Submission Guidelines 

  1. Review our objectives and previous writing before submitting to ensure that your writing matches the ABC mission.
  2. Word limit: 500-1,000 words. Pieces under 500 words or over 1,000 words will not be read.
  3. Pitches (elevator speeches; short outlines of an idea) are limited to 250 words.
  4. Include the following elements in a Word document:
    1. Title of Piece
    2. Name of author
    3. Word count

Please submit drafts and pitches to afrikanblackcoalition @ gmail dot com . We will typically follow up within 7 business days.

If you have any questions, please do email us. If you are have never submitted a piece of writing before, feel free to review NPR Code Switch’s pitching guidelines.

updated January 2016