“Freedom is not built on dreams, it’s built on blood, sacrifice, and work”

Salih Muhammad

Executive Director

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Salih Muhammad has strived to consistently improve the condition of his people. For most of his life, he has been critically engaged in a number organizations, struggles, and movements for the larger purpose of elevating the condition of Black People. The son of Muslim parents, Muhammad strives to meet and exceed their legacy. In fact, his father Keith Muhammad was formerly chair for the Afrikan Student Union at Long Beach State University and currently serves as a Minister in the Nation of Islam. His mother is directress of the Oakland branch of Muhammad University of Islam.

In 2009, Salih graduated from the Muhammad University of Islam where he helped to establish a student run coffeehouse. Muhammad was admitted into the University of California, Berkeley, where he excelled as a community leader helping to restart the Black student Union, which he would chair for nearly 2 years. As chair of UC Berkeley’s Black Student Union he made numerous political and social achievements for Black students including hosting the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference – the largest Black Student conference in California. Later, Salih would chair CalSERVE, a multicultural coalition that seeks to empower students of color through access to student government as well as grassroots organizing.

He currently teaches High school students in Oakland, Ca and is the Executive Director of the Afrikan Black Coalition.