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As an organization, we are committed to the UC system divesting from private prisons and funders. ABC is proud to report that as of December 31st, 2015, the UC system will have sold all of their withholdings (under $30 million) in private prisons! Read our November 2015 Prison Divestment Resolution.

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Press Coverage:

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  • Shayon falls says:

    It is disgustingly disappointing that my tuition gets invested into a system that destroys, displaces, and enslaves people. Many of whom are black people that fall victim to a system that does not value their lives.

  • Janiese says:

    I am beyond disappointed to find out that UC’s have been involved in such practices. This information is something they should have disclosed to their potential students before they enrolled to their schools. I bet they wouldn’t have gotten the enrollment turnout they received if they would have admitted their part in this trickery.

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