nyehlaNyehla Irsheidis a rising senior studying Public Health and double minoring in Gender Studies and Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles. The Afrikan Black Coalition recently added seven California State University campuses to their coalition and Nyehla, being a Cal State student, only recently had her first contact with ABC. Nyehla affirms that ABC’s impact on her current and future aspirations has already been profound. For example, her definition of ‘community’ has broadened significantly to the point where Nyehla now “carries the motivation to be part of the larger Black liberation struggle.” She has attended a number of ABC’s leadership development programs and praises the “wealth of knowledge” and “practical workshops” that are constantly being presented. “I am inspired by the solidarity, determination, and strength to lead by example shown by the Afrikan Black Coalition’s leadership. It has inspired me to be a better servant to my people.