2018 ABC Conferencing Committee (ABCCC)

Star Bacon, Chair


A Bay Area native dedicated to Afrikan/Black people and their liberation. Formerly serving as the Leadership Development Director and Black Community Programs Co-Director, Star values personal and leadership development, believing education and growth to be powerful tools. Having received a Bachelor of Science in Community & Regional Development from the University of California, Davis and more than 15 honors ranging from service to leadership, Star has a distinct passion for community-oriented work. As a small business owner, Star is a visionary with a strategic approach to helping the community, sharing “We live in an economic-driven society, therefore I seek to use economics as a tool to transform the lives of OUR people. We’re not there yet, but I hope to function as a catalyst to get us there.” As one who values systems, Star’s overall approach to serving the Black community is a five-prong approach focusing on health & wellness, education & personal development, political affairs, economics, and social well-being. Currently serving as the Director of Business & Operations, Star has committed their life to focusing on the economic development of Afrikan/Black people in the process of liberation.

Marissa Renae Suttles, Vice Chair


Marissa is a third year at San Francisco State University, studying Political Science and minoring in Africana Studies. She was born in Jacksonville, FL and from there moved to Okinawa, Japan and eventually made her way to Oceanside, California where she’s spent most of my life. She is the Internal Vice President of the First Black Student Union at SF State and the Vice Chair of the Afrikan Black Coalition Conferencing Committee.

Eniola Abioye, Inclusion & Political Chair


Eniola Abioye is a Nigerian womxn, born and raised in Oakland, CA. She is a recent alumna of UC Berkeley, where she studied Integrative Biology and African American History. During her time at UC Berkeley, Eniola served as a manager in the African American Theme House: a safe home and organizing space for Black students at Cal and part of the Berkeley Student Cooperative. Eniola was also an active member of the UC Berkeley Black Student Union, in which she organized and executed several direct actions focused on elevating Black liberation by any means that prove necessary, and acquiring resources for Black students on campus and in surrounding communities. Eniola facilitated Zawadi, the Black queer space at UC Berkeley. Some of Eniola’s key interests include securing resources to prioritize womxns’ health in the San Francisco Bay Area, and empowering Black queer youth. She draws upon the strength of local community organizers in order to do the vulnerable and arduous work that is the fight for freedom. Eniola now serves as the Director of Field Operations for the Afrikan Black Coalition, a statewide organization that, in 2015, pushed the University of California to divest from private prisons. In her role, she continues to focus on political education and campaigns around dismantling the prison industrial complex.

Chantel Heard, Finance Chair


Chantel is the Black Student Union Chair at San Francisco State University. In her fourth year, she is double majoring in Child and Adolescent Development and Africana Studies. She has been teaching for the past three years and is currently teaching as well as working at the newly established Black Unity Center on campus. In her free time, she writes poetry as an outlet for stress. After graduating, Chantel plans to earn her Masters in Education and later her PhD so that she can later teach a service learning course surrounding disadvantaged youth in targeted communities.

Bresheena Baseel, Logistics Co-Chair


Bresheena Baseel is a senior at San Francisco State University and she is majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in management. She identifies as Afro Latina (her mother is from El Salvador and her father is from Belize), speaks fluent Spanish, and she is first generation American and college student. Bresheena grew up in L.A and her family currently resides in Long Beach. Some of her hobbies include volunteering with the youth, poetry, cooking, listening to music, reading, and participating in organzizations that contribute to the betterment of the black community. Bresheena is excited to be on the board for this years Afrikan Black Coalition Conference because she wants to provide a gratifying and enlightening experience to black students, the same way it was provided to her the past 4 years that she has attended the Conference. In the future she wants to start a plus size clothing brand that represents beautiful woman from all walks of life.

Timothy Walker, Logistics Co-Chair


Timothy Walker is currently a junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Africana Studies. He’s originally from Compton, California. At SFSU he currently serves as the Black Student Unions External Vice President. He’s also the youngest member of the Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board, appointed my California Senator, Kamala Harris.

Wesley Cox, Resources Chair


Wesley’s pronouns are he/him/his. He was born and raised in Southern California, Los Angeles County. He is a Junior at San Francisco State University, double majoring in Africana Studies and Product Design- he found his passion within Ethnic Studies during his freshman year while taking a Race and Resistance class titled, “All Power to the People,” after this he chose to minor in Africana Studies, which eventually led to a double major. This past Summer, he was invited to join the ABC Conferencing Committee. On Instagram Wesley is @blakxtoafrica, where he chooses to display his painting hobby- which he dedicates to people of African descent. Most days Wes spends his time reading Africana literature, sketching, cooking, burning incense or organizing Africana people.

Imani Campbell, Communications Chair


She goes by the name Imani Campbell-Dunn. Her major is health education with trying to get a double minor in Africana studies and criminal justices. Imani’s pronouns are she/her. She is from Oakland, CA She is a third year at San Francisco State. She loves to work in the community whether it is in a nonprofit or in her Black Student Union (BSU). Some of the hobbies she participates in is reading and hiking. Imani is excited to be on the board of ABC board because over the past two years seeing what ABC has accomplished has inspired me to be a servant leader of my community.