The Community is Putting Wells Fargo on Notice

The Afrikan Black Coalition held its annual conference Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend at UC Irvine.

featured above: Rasheed Shabazz for Afrikan Black Coalition, ABC Conference at UC Irvine (Jan 2015)

You’ve read about how the Afrikan Black Coalition pushed the University of California to divest $25 million in private prison shares.

You’ve read about how the University of California still maintains a $425 million investment in Wells Fargo, one of the largest financiers of private prisons.

You’ve read about how the Afrikan Black Coalition has put Wells Fargo on notice for their $900 million credit line to private prisons, among other atrocities.

Now we need you to sign on in support of the Afrikan Black Coalition’s petition. Private prisons affects all of our communities, not just Black student communities.

Want to help us out? Follow these two simple steps:

  1. Sign our Color of Change petition

  2. Share our Color of Change petition your family and friends via social media

Make it known: you will not stay quiet as long as Wells Fargo funds private prisons.

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  • Isabel says:

    Looking at different banks might not be a bad idea, but all banks have crazy fees like this to take adtnavage of us, you just have to know how to deal with the banks to get your way

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