Racist Breach of Berkeley High School Library Webpage

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For Immediate Release: Racist Breach of Berkeley High School Library Webpage
Contact: Berkeley High School Black Student Union

Berkeley, California- November 4, 2015

Tonight the BSU was made aware of a hateful message that was posted on the Berkeley High website. The words “Fuck all the niggers in the world,” “KKK forever public lynching December 9th 2015,” and “I hung a n*gger by his neck in my backyard” were left on the library homepage. All of the students have access to this page and it is clear the author intended for it to be spread. The attached image shows what was posted on the library website. The perpetrator sympathizes with the racist cause of the KKK and makes a clear threat to lynch Black students this December. The terrorists call for the death of all Black people in the message.

This is an act of blatant terrorism towards the Black students and staff members at Berkeley High, and though the BSU is disappointed that this happened, but we are not surprised. The image we have attached has already been circulated amongst students on Twitter and it will no doubt continue to spread.

We are disgusted by this act of terror and demand it be investigated as such. The safety of Black students has been explicitly threatened, and we as the Black Student Union demand that this is addressed immediately by the Berkeley High administration and Berkeley Police Department. In the past acts of terror committed against the Black student body have been ignored such as the racist statement written into last year’s yearbook and the noose that was found on campus. We will not allow this to be trivialized like these other horrific instances.

In Struggle,

The Black Student Union at Berkeley High School


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