Yoel Haile on UC Irvine BSU’s Demands

Afrikan Black Coalition Political Director Yoel Haile was quoted in UC Irvine’s New University in regards to the UCI Black Student Union’s demands. New University writes:

The Afrikan Black Coalition, a collective representing black students from across the 10 UC campuses, has expressed their support of the petition, with attendees at their recent conference being urged to support the petition.

“Chancellor Gilman and the UC Irvine administration must accept responsibility for the rampant racism on campus and implement effective institutional resources to support Black student access and success,” said Yoel Haile, the coalition’s political director. “We expect the university to live up to its professed commitment to diversity.”

Source: Black Student (Union) Lists Demands for AdministrationNew University, January 28, 2018, by Phuc Pham

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